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Warranty Claims

Standard Warranty on Faulty Items

All parts (besides some exceptions outlined below, *must read*) are covered by a standard 1 year return to base warranty. To confirm the warranty on your product or if you are unsure if the part/s you have are faulty please email [email protected]. If you originally paid for freight on the item and if the item is faulty as standard we cover the return freight (from us to you, not the other way around). However if the item is not found faulty any return freight must be at your cost. A fee for extended testing on non-faulty products or other fees may apply*.
Goods that have been misused/tampered with or have been physically damaged will not be covered by warranty and will void any warranty usually applicable.

WARNING: If sending in a device with your own data on it (such as a harddrive) it is your responsibility to backup the data (if possible), as the data will not be saved/recovered during the warranty process.

If you are sure the item/s are faulty please send/bring in the faulty part/s with a copy of your original invoice and fault description. If you are sending the product in we are not responsible for damage in transit to us so please be sure to package the goods safely.

Courier/Express/Physically bring in to: 230 Liverpool Rd, Enfield 2136
or Post to: PO Box A102 Enfield South, 2133

Exceptions to Standard Warranty:

  • Consumables/media/disposables, cables, refurbished items, Generic keyboards/mice (and other obvious things besides) will usually have a warranty period less than 1 year. Please contact us to find out the specific warranty period of the product (presale). As per other products; it is best to bring back the item within 7 days for quickest processing.
  • Some products have a Manufacturer warranty which the manufacturers have a warranty service direct to the customer in which contact and warranty is best done directly through the manufacturer; AND/OR, some manufacturers offer an extended warranty over 1 year on certain products. See below for more details.
  • When third party warranty from United Electrical is purchased then all terms, conditions and responsibility is handled through UE directly by default. See below.

Replacement time (standard warranty only):

If your product was DOA please notify us or send/bring it in to us within 7 days of your invoice date to enable the quickest processing time. That way if we have stock we should be able to replace the product on the spot. Please return all packaging & contents.
If you cannot get the product to our store within 7 days please email [email protected] with the part# , serial# ,invoice# and fault description within the 7 days. That way we should be able to process this as a DOA, but there is no guarantee. After that has been done we would need the product sent in asap.

If your product was not DOA then we need to send back the faulty product to supplier/manufacturer for a replacement/fix. Typically you can get a replacement within 2 weeks. However it can vary greatly from product to product.

Manufacturer Warranty on Faulty Items:

Some parts have extra and/or are covered by direct to Manufacturer warranty and so support/warranty is usually done directly to Manufacturer.
(note: sometimes we can help you getting this done if going direct is an issue to you, but usually you will need to pay for freight/handling charges, usually $30.)

See below for some contact details.

However if the product is DOA please contact us (by email or phone) asap (best within 7 days) so can verify with you if something equally suitable can be done here.
The list below is not extensive and is just for a reference guide. Either check inside your product for warranty information or email [email protected].
  • Monitors/LCDs: Typically 3 years.
  • Printers/Scanners etc: Typically 1 year
  • Consumer Electronics (Digital cameras, DVD Players, etc): Typically 1 year
  • Notebooks/PDA etc: Typically 1 - 2 years
  • Sony Products (besides Monitors): Typically 1-2 years
  • All Network products (Synology/Netgear/Dlink/Netcomm/Billion/Tplink etc): Typically 1-2 years. All contact must be direct through manufacturer first , even if DOA.
  • All/most UPS manufacturers work in a similar way to Networking products above.
  • Intel Products: Typically 3 years
  • Memory Manufacturers: Some brands have extended warranty. 1 year back to IJK. Typically Lifetime to manufacturer.
  • Refurbished Products:Typically refurbished items have 1 month warrantee, unless otherwise indicated.


Firstly, and most importantly please contact us by email or phone to verify if a return/credit will be ok. Read below for guidelines on this procedure.

  • No freight costs, service fees or credit card surcharges can be refunded (except under special circumstances)
  • We may replace, credit, refund or exchange faulty products at our discretion
  • Refunds/Credits are usually made at the current market value
  • Usually Networking products should not be returned until you have authorisation from the manufacturer first (to save time both for you and ourselves)

Returns of non-faulty products: This is *not* a satisfaction guarantee or try before you buy policy, please be sure of your purchases. Any doubts please email us first. Individual compatibility of items not guaranteed unless installed and tested by our technicians.

If you purchased a product and have a change of mind then we may, at our own discretion, be able to accept a return for refund/credit provided the product is in original packaging/contents/condition and if it is returned within 7 days. However, a minimum of 10% (or $10 if under $100 , $5 if under $20) restocking fee will by default be placed on any returns of this sort (may be wavered if completely unopened & and you would like a store credit). Larger restocking fees may be accommodated by us if you cannot return it in its original condition.

If a product is faulty during it's one year warranty (past the DOA period) then it is subject to either the standard or manufacturer warranty replacement/fix and usually no refunds/credits will be offered.

*Notes: If the testing of a product that is non faulty is done at an inconvenience to us then the standard fee will be $30 for the first hour and $50 per hour afterwards.
Also if it is reasonable to do so; certain fees may be charged for certain warranty cases wherein it is lawful that the customer may have to cover some of the expenses.
Any refunds may incur a $5 accounting fee on top of anything before mentioned (this is rarely applied but will usually only apply to mistakes made by yourself, in purchasing the wrong product etc).

Refunds on Deposits: No refunds can be made on deposits for Special Order-in orders.

Manufacturer Contact Details

Below is a list of contact details for various manufacturers that can be contacted regarding technical support and direct warrantee claims.

Manufacturer Phone Number Website
Acer 1300 365 100 support.acer.com.au
AOC 1300 262 669 www.aocmonitor-anz.com
Asus 1300 278 788 www.asus.com.au
BenQ 1300 130 336 www.benq.com.au
Billion 02 8999 0728 www.billion.com.au
Brother (02) 8875 6000 www.brother.com.au
Canon 13 13 83 www.canon.com.au

Dell Cust care 1800 812 393/ Tech 1300 790 877 [email protected] / [email protected]
Direction (02) 9698 8283
D-Link 1300 766 868 www.dlink.com.au

Eaton 1300 303 059 www.eaton.com/EatonCom/index.htm
Epson 1300 361 054 www.epson.com.au
Fujitsu 1300 364 484 www.fujitsu.com/au
HP 13 10 47 www.hp.com.au
Intel 1800 649 931 support.intel.com


Lexmark 1300 362 192 www.lexmark.com.au
LG 1800 643 156 www.lge.com.au

Logitech 1800 025 544 http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/AU/EN

Microsoft 13 20 58 www.microsoft.com.au
Mitsubishi 1300 651 808 www.mitsubishi-electric.com.au
Netcomm (02) 9424 2000 www.netcomm.cxom.au
Netgear 1300 361 254 www.netgear.com.au
Panasonic 1800 677 203 www.panasonic.com.au
Philips 1300 361 392 www.philips.com.au/
Pioneer 1300 666 383 www.pioneeraus.com.au/computer
QNAP https://helpdesk.qnap.com/index.php?/Tickets/Submit
Saitek +61 2 9533 3055 [email protected]
Samsung 1300 362 603 www.samsung.com.au
Seagate 1800 147 201 www.seagate.com
Sennheiser 1800 648 628 www.syntec.com.au
Sony 1300 226 429 www.sony.com.au
Swann 1300 138 324 www.swann.com.au
Synology N/A https://account.synology.com/support/support_form.php
TP Link 1300 875 465 http://www.tp-link.com.au/support.html
ViewSonic 1800 880 818 www.viewsonic.com.au
Western Digital
Xerox 1800 028 962 www.fujixerox.com.au

NWS (National Warranty Services) Third Party Warranty:

This is for the warranty services provided through NWS. This includes warranty extension , onsite services etc. See under the service category for the options available.

Click here for their terms and conditions. The warranty contract is directly between the customer and NWS. All resposiblilty is beared by NWS once the contract comes into effect. See their website here http://www.nationalwarranties.com.au


Information Accuracy:

Product information is acquired from suppliers and relevant manufacturers. Please check directly with the manufacturers for the most up to date information. While we make every effort to keep this site current and error free, we cannot honour errors which include but are not limited to outdated/incorrect pricing and/or specifications. Prices and specifications can change without notice. Pictures are for illustration purposes only. Individual compatibility of items not guaranteed unless installed and tested by our technicians.


All our website information and our products / services are provided "AS IS" with no guarantee or warranty whatsoever against possible damages that may arise from the use of the information on this site or use of any of our services and/or products provided it is within the law to do so. We will do what is required by law and will aim to do our utmost to do what is agreeable and correct so as to avoid any such issues. Any order made on this website may be become void at our discretion, whether payment has been made or not. For example, this may happen in an order with an item which has found to be no longer available, or available at quoted price. Any funds paid will be refunded if applicable. Individual compatibility of items not guaranteed unless installed and tested by our technicians.

If in the unlikely event it is found that we have sent you the wrong product please make sure to not open or use the product at all and contact us immediately upon reciept. Once the unit is returned we can exchange the unit for the correct one ordered or an agreed upon equivalent. If you open and use the product then there may be fees applied to restocking and exchanging the item depending on the condition. Typically it will be at least the standard 10% restocking fee. If you do not return the unit in a reasonable amount of time (standard time frame is 7 days) then we may not be able to accept the return or there may be a fee applied). If we find it is entirely our fault then all freight costs should be covered by ourselves. In this case contact us so we can nominate or organise the preferred return method.
If any products are missing from a delivery you have received then please contact us immediately after receiving delivery.

Ownership of Goods:

All goods ordered on this site are the sole property of IJK Interernational Pty Ltd until the funds required have been paid and suitably cleared.

Statutory Warranty

No terms listed on this page sets out to or is able to override your Statutory Warranty as outlined in the Fair Trading Act (unless there is a provision within law enabling this).
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