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DrayTek Vigor2926ac
Dual Gigabit Broadband Firewall QoS IPv6 Router with 4 x Giga LANs, 50 x VPNs, 25 x SSL VPNs, USB 3G/4G, 802.11ac (AC2000) WLAN, and support Smart Monitor (50 nodes) & VigorACS SI

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WAN Protocol

  • Ethernet WAN
    • DHCP Client
    • Static IP
    • PPPoE 
    • PPTP / L2TP (WAN-2 only)
    • 802.1q Multi-VLAN Tagging 
  • IPv6 Connection Type
    • Dual Stack: PPP, DHCPv6 Client, Static IPv6
    • Tunnel Mode: TSPC, AICCU, 6rd, 6in4 Static Tunnel
    • PPP(3G) / CDC driver(3G) / support IPv6 protocol :TSPC/AICCU


Dual WAN

  • Load-Balance / Route Policy
  • Outbound policy-based load-balance
  • WAN Connection Failover
  • Multiple-VLAN



  • DMZ Host£ºPort-redirection, Open Port, Port Triggering
  • User-based / Rule-based Firewall
  • Object-based Firewall£ºSPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) (Flow Track)
  • DoS Prevention
  • Time Schedule Control
  • DNS Filter Enhancement
  • User Management
  • Firewall Wizard Mode and Advanced Mode



  • Up to 50 VPN Tunnels (including 25 SSL VPN tunnels)
  • VPN Wizard
  • VPN Trunk with Backup / Load Balance
  • Protocol : PPTP, IPsec, L2TP, L2TP over IPsec, GRE over IPSec
  • Encryption : MPPE and hardware-based AES/DES/3DES
  • Authentication : MD5, SHA-1
  • IKE Authentication : Pre-shared Key and Digital Signature (X.509)
  • LAN-to-LAN, Teleworker-to-LAN (remote user dial-in)
  • DHCP over IPsec
  • IPsec NAT-traversal (NAT-T)
  • Dead Peer Detection (DPD)
  • VPN Pass-through
  • mOTP


Bandwidth Management

  • QoS
    • Guarantee bandwidth for VoIP
    • Class-based bandwidth guarantee by user-defined traffic categories
    • DiffServ Code Point classifying
    • 4-level priority for each direction (Inbound/Outbound)
    • Bandwidth borrowed
  • Bndwidth/Session limitation
    • Smart Bandwidth Limit
    • config by ip range
    • Layer-3 (TOS/DSCP) QoS
  • Layer-2 (802.1p) QoS
  • WAN budget


Network Feature

  • Hotspot Web Portal
  • Packet Forwarding Acceleration
  • DHCP client/relay/server
  • DHCP Option: 1,3,6,51,53,54,58,59,60,61,66,125
  • IGMP v2/v3
  • LAN DNS /DNS Forwarding
  • Dynamic DNS
  • NTP Client
  • Call Scheduling
  • RADIUS /TACACS+ Client
  • Internal RADIUS Server
  • Active Directory /LDAP compatible (client)
  • DNS Cache/Proxy and LAN DNS
  • UPnP 50 sessions
  • Wake on LAN
  • Bonjour service
  • Routing Protocol:
    • Static Routing
    • RIP v1/v2
    • BGP
  • Triple-Play Application
    • IGMP snooping/proxy
  • 8 x Multiple Subnet LAN
  • Support Smart Monitor (Up to 30 PCs)


Central Device Management

  • AP Management
  • VPN Management
  • Switch Management
  • External Devices 


CSM (Content Security Management)

  • APP Enforcement
    • Support APPE Signature Upgrade by license
  • URL Content Filter
    • Access Control : URL Keyword Blocking (White/Black List)
    • Web Feature : Java Applet, Cookies, Active X, Compressed, Executable, Multimedia File Blocking
  • Web Content Filter (support Cyren and BPjM)
  • DNS Filter



  • Printer Sharing
  • File System
    • Support FAT32 File System
    • Support FTP Function for File Sharing
  • 3.5G (HSDPA) and 4G (LTE) as WAN3/WAN4 by using USB dongle (can
    support Dual USB WAN)
  • USB Device Status (disk/modem/printer/sensor)
  • Support USB Temperature Sensor
  • Support file sharing (DrayTek¡¯s own SMB protocol stack)

Network Management

  • Web-based User Interface (HTTP/HTTPS)
  • CLI (Command Line Interface, Telnet/SSH)
  • Administration Access Control
  • Configuration Backup/Restore
  • Built-in Diagnostic Function
  • Firmware Upgrade via TFTP/HTTP/TR-069
  • Logging via Syslog
  • SNMP v2/v3
  • Support SMS/E-mail Alert
  • Management Session Time Out
  • Two-level Management (Admin/User Mode)
  • External device detection (master mode)
  • TR-069/TR-104
  • Support Multiple-Firmware Upgrade Utility (MFUU)
  • Dashboard


Wireless AP (n/ac/Vac model)

  • 2.4GHz (n model)
  • 2.4 + 5GHz (ac/Vac model)
  • Wireless Client List
  • Wireless LAN Isolation
  • 64/128-bit WEP
  • WPA/WPA2
  • Hidden SSID
  • WPS
  • MAC Address Access Control
  • Access Point Discovery
  • WDS (Wireless Distribution System)
  • 802.1x Authentication
  • Multiple SSID
  • Wireless Rate-control
  • WMM
  • SSID VLAN Grouping with LAN Port (Port-based VLAN)


VoIP (Vac model)

  • Protocol: SIP, RTP/RTCP
  • 12 SIP Registrars
  • Automatic Gain control
  • Jitter buffer (180ms)
  • Jitter Buffer
  • Voice codec£ºG.711 A/u law, G.723.1, G.726, G.729 A/B, VAD/CNG
  • Tone generation and detection£ºDTMF, dial, busy, ring back, call progress
  • DTMF Tone£ºInband, Out band (RFC-2833), SIP Info
  • FAX/Modem Support£ºTone detection, G.711 Pass-through, T.38 for FAX
  • Supplemental Services
    • Call Hold/Retrieve/Waiting
    • Call Waiting with Caller ID
    • Call Transfer
    • Call Forwarding (Always, Busy, No Answer, Busy or No Answer)
    • Call Barring (Incoming/Outgoing)
    • DND (Do Not Disturb)
    • MWI (Message Waiting Indicator) (RFC-3842)
    • Hotline
    • ZRTP
  • PSTN Loop-through When Power Failure
  • Dial Plan :
    • Phone Book
    • Digit Map
    • Call Barring
    • Regional

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This product was added Wednesday 06 December, 2017.
This product was last modified on Thursday 16 May, 2019.

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